Author: sdepaolis

[addon] Freesound 2.0 plugin

If you are passionate about Blender, you have surely heard about the big changes shipped with the new 2.8 release. If you are not, I suggest you to take a look here and read about all the amazing new features.

It’s time now to start working at porting the Freesound plugin to make it works with Blender 2.8!

You can download it from here: Freesound 2.0

[addon] Freesound

This add-on allows you to browse, listen and insert sounds from the archive in your Blender VSE. An API key is required: you can request it from (Freesound login is required)


To install the add-on, clone the GIT repository into your Blender addon_contrib folder:

$ git clone
or  download the zip and manually install from the user preferences dialog.



Before to start using the add-on you need to get an API key from freesound as decribed above. After this you insert the API and click on Validate button. If everything go fine you will see the button saying Validated as in the picture.

Now you can save preferences so that the value is not lost.

Using the add-on is straightforward and intuitive. All you have to do is search for some sounds and click on the Search button. You got further options for searching, HQ (High Quality Preview) allows you to download the best available preview at cost of download speed and disk space. The “from” “to” range allows you to search sounds with a specific length. You can for example search a sound which is at least 2 seconds and max 5 seconds if you set 2 and 5 in the fields. The next box allows you to sort sounds based on rating. Last box allows you to filter by license.

The page navigation buttons allow you respectively to jump to the first and last page, increment by 10 or 1 or add an arbitrary number in the page field.



If you compile from sources using cmake, you need to switch (default off) WITH_CODEC_SNDFILE to ON in your CMakeLists.txt. With scons you need to add WITH_CODEC_SNDFILE = True to

To check if you already have the support for this codec, open a console window and type as follow: